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Birth Certificate

Registering a Birth

Tải game bắn cá đổi thẻ càoYou need to register your baby’s birth before you can get a birth certificate.

When your baby is born, your nurse will help you fill out a form with your baby’s information including his or her name and parents’ names.

After you register your child’s birth, you can apply for a birth certificate.

You can get help filling out forms at your local health centre.


Birth Certificate

Tải game bắn cá đổi thẻ càoA birth certificate is an important personal document that may be used for:

  • Legal identity
  • Age, sex or nationality
  • Travelling to other countries or applying for a passport
  • Applying for a Nunavut Health Card, a Social Insurance Number, or a driver’s license
  • School enrolment
  • Settling an estate
  • Accessing old age pension benefits

Tải game bắn cá đổi thẻ càoYou can get a birth certificate if you are:

  • The person named on the birth registration
  • Named as a parent on the live birth registration
  • A legal representative (e.g. guardian, solicitor, or legal agent) of the person whose name is on the birth registration
  • The spouse of the person whose name is on the birth registration
  • An agent, or any other person, with written authorization of the person concerned or the parents
  • A person who requires the certificate for use in a court of law, for adoption, or for settlement of an estate
  • An officer of the Crown for official purposes
  • A government department approved by the Registrar General of Vital Statistics, when required for legal or other legitimate purposes


Get a Birth Certificate

Tải game bắn cá đổi thẻ càoThe Department of Health can provide birth certificates dating back to the creation of Nunavut on April 1st, 1999.

To get a birth certificate, fill out the Application for Certificate form. Make sure that all of your information is correct.

Tải game bắn cá đổi thẻ càoThe fee for all birth certificates is $10.00 per certificate and can be paid by cheque or money order made payable to the Government of Nunavut.

Note: If you are applying for a passport you will need the large birth certificate.

Mail completed forms to the following address:

Nunavut Vital Statistics
Department of Health
Box 889
Rankin Inlet, NU
X0C 0G0

Phone: (867) 645-8001
Fax: (867) -645-8092
Toll Free: (800) 661-0833